Francine Terry

Francine Terry, M.D., M.P.H., is a lifelong science fiction reader, more recently a writer on topics bridging science fact and fiction and a speaker on hard science topics at many science fiction gatherings. In the “real world,” she works as an emergency physician in Cleveland, operates a small farm with her husband Steve Brownfield and is the founder and chief operating officer of an animal welfare nonprofit, AlterPet Inc. Her science writings have appeared in science fiction publications in both Ohio and Colorado and in national publications such as the Starfleet Communiqué and the UFPI Universal Translator. She and Dr. Howard Scrimgeour, DVM, comprise the “Paradox (pair of docs) Traveling Science Show,” frequently seen presenting biological topics to science fiction fans at Marcon and Toronto Trek. In her spare time, she reads scientific journals, seeking fact-out-of-fiction discoveries to share with fellow fans.

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