Jason Smith

At age 15, Jason Smith founded his first company, a residential landscape design and installation service, thanks to mentoring from other entrepreneurs in his community. By the time he graduated from college, his company had helped pay tuition for a dozen staff, each recruited away from passion-crushing employment in big-box stores or fast-food restaurants. Fueled by polymathic curiosity, Jason subsequently worked in a variety of industries: real estate, property management, nonprofits, trade associations, higher education, and now, medical device development. Jason’s wide-ranging experience enabled him to recognize something rare at Velentium: Most organizations lack the combination of insight, empathy, and investment guts required to do right by their staff, clients, and investors alike. He believes that 28 Days to Save the World will show leaders how to harmonize these “competing” interests to build more effective, resilient, and positive organizations. 28 Days to Save the World is the tenth published book Jason has helped author.

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