Sharon Mazel

Sharon Mazel is an internationally recognized parenting and pregnancy expert, author, journalist, speaker, parenting coach, and mom of four with over twenty-five years experience in the field. Sharon reaches hundreds of thousands of new and expectant parents with her popular parenting and pregnancy guidance on social media, parenting coaching, digital resources, and parenting courses. Sharon’s social media has been called one of the “Most Educational IG Accounts” for new parents and one of the “Best Instagram Accounts for New Moms.” Sharon is the author of Bite-Sized Parenting: Your Baby’s First Year and was previously with the What to Expect book series. Sharon’s writing and guidance have also been widely published online and in numerous publications including,, Parenting Magazine, BabyTalk Magazine, The Washington Post, and other publications. She was also the executive producer of an educational video series at the Yale University Child Study Center. Learn more about Sharon on her website,

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