Mario J. Lanza

Mario J. Lanza is a well-known writer and humorist whose “Survivor Strategy” column was one of the most widely read on the Internet between the years 2001 and 2004. He was recently called “one of the foremost Survivor experts in the world” by “Survivor: Amazon” contestant/sociopath Rob Cesternino. Mario has read every book on serial killers ever written, and he’s also done extensive research on criminal psychopathology. In fact, at one point in his life he wanted to work for the FBI as “one of those Silence of the Lambs guys.” This didn’t quite pan out, but he does claim he can spot a sociopath 100 yards away. When he’s not writing about “Survivor,” Mario enjoys baseball, horror movies, being creeped out by Brian Heidik and empathizing with other humans. And he’s thrilled that his bio is just a little bit longer than Brad’s.

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