Sachi Kato

Sachi Kato grew up in a multigenerational household in Gifu, Japan, where she learned traditional methods of food harvesting and preparation from her family members. Sachi trained and worked as a macrobiotic chef at Kushi Institutes in America, Japan, and Europe. She completed the comprehensive Macrobiotic Leadership Program, in which she studied cooking, healing, philosophy, and Oriental diagnosis.

Sachi has since taught classes in these subjects at the Kushi Institute, as well as to the public in California, New York, and Japan. While her dishes possess a Japanese sensibility and are rooted in macrobiotic practice, Sachi continually finds inspiration for her cooking from her international community and its many rich culinary traditions. As a result, she gratefully adopts cooking techniques and ingredients from her planetary neighbors to innovate original recipes, as well as to create new versions of many well-known classics.

Employing her professional photography skills to capture the vibrant images of the dishes that appear in the pages of this cookbook, Sachi contributes her efforts as both a visual and culinary artist. She happily shares these gifts from nature which are steeped in the awareness that real nourishment and amazing health start with home cooking.

Sachi is currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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