Kim Hvidkjær

Kim Hvidkjær was 29 years old the day he realized he was a millionaire. Two years later, after a cluster of self-described ‘fuckups’, he found himself ‘basically broke,’ having lost more money in that short period than the average American earns in a lifetime. Now 43, and having rebuilt his fortune as the founder of several successful enterprises, Kim has become something of an “Expert in Failure.” Following interviews with dozens of startup founders and the quantitative and qualitative study of thousands of failed startups, he developed a comprehensive guide to the concept of failure—what it means, what it looks like, and the strategies that business owners can employ to avoid it. Of course, failure was never something Kim anticipated dedicating his life to. He started his first company at 19, itching for success, and has worked as a serial entrepreneur, investor, board member, and business advisor ever since. With experience across the Entertainment, Media, FMCG, Hosting, SaaS, Utility, and Broadband industries, he was named one of Denmark’s “6 Rising Stars” in 2008 and joined Mensa ‘just for fun’ in 2009.

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