Andrew Gordon

Andrew Gordon is an English professor and director of the Institue for Psychological Study of the Arts (ISPA) at the University of Florida. He has been a Fulbright lecturer in American literature in Spain, Portugal and Serbia, and a visiting professor in Hungary and Russia. He teaches contemporary American fiction, Jewish-American fiction and science fiction literature and film. His publications include An American Dreamer: A Psychoanalytic Study of the Fiction of Norman Mailer; Psychoanalyses/Feminisms (co-edited with Peter L. Rudnytsky) and Screen Saviors: Hollywood Fictions of Whiteness (co-authored with Hernan Vera; the book discusses many films including the science fiction or fantasy films “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” “Men in Black” and “The Matrix”). He has written numerous essays on science fiction and science fiction film, including the films of George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis, in Science-Fiction Studies and other journals.

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