James Gilmer

James Gilmer is a radiographer (which is a fancy way of saying he takes x-rays) at Sparrow Regional Medical Center, a Level 1 Trauma hospital in Michigan, and is also a part-time writer. He is a graduate of Michigan State University and also the Clarion 2000 Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Workshop. His short fiction has appeared in Webzines such as Ideomancer and book anthologies such as Mota 3: Courage. He has also been a newspaper stringer and contributed to magazines such as Variants from Variance Press. He currently lives with his wife, Elise, and is awaiting the day when he can retire thanks to her new nursing degree and spend his days writing in a hammock. Until that day, he is still pursuing both his fiction and nonfiction writing when he’s not distracted by watching “House M.D.”

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