Leigh H. Edwards

Leigh H. Edwards is assistant professor of English at Florida State University. Her research on U.S. literature and popular culture has appeared in journals such as Narrative, The Journal of Popular Culture, Feminist Media Studies and Film and History. She is currently completing a book on Cash titled Johnny Cash and American Ambivalence. Other research in media studies includes a book manuscript, Reality TV’s Family Values: Narrative, Ideology, and New Domestic Forms. Recent publications include: “Dangerous Minds: The Woman Professor on Television,” in Geek Chic: Smart Women in Popular Culture (2007), edited by Sherrie A. Inness; “Chasing the Real: Reality Television and Documentary Forms,” in Docufictions: Essays on the Intersection of Documentary and Fictional Filmmaking (2006), edited by Gary D. Rhodes and John Parris Springer; and “‘What a Girl Wants’: Gender Norming on Reality Game Shows” (2004) in Feminist Media Studies. She has forthcoming articles on PBS’s “Frontier House” and frontier mythology, and on interracial romance narratives. A staff writer for PopMatters, an international magazine of cultural criticism published online at popmatters.com, she reviews television and film. She has also published a poem on Cash, “Johnny Cash Ode,” in Xconnect: Writers of the Information Age, Volume VII (Xconnect, print annual, 2005) and in the online journal issue, CrossConnect 23 (September 2005). An eighth-generation Floridian, she earned her B.A. from Duke University and her M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania as a National Mellon Fellow.

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