Brennan Dunn


For the last ten years, Brennan Dunn has been building “email-first” businesses. He owns and manages two companies: RightMessage, a software company that builds personalized marketing software, and Double Your Freelancing, an online community offering courses, events, and other resources to 60,000+ freelancers and agencies.

Despite studying Western literature and philosophy at St. John’s College, Dunn ended up writing code professionally in his twenties before founding Double Your Freelancing. This combination of liberal arts, software development, and entrepreneurship led him toward helping others achieve their own entrepreneurial visions by improving the way they communicate with customers. He started his second business, RightMessage, to make personalization accessible to businesses of any size—not just tech giants like Amazon. Since then, he’s been invited to speak and keynote at marketing and business conferences around the world and to be interviewed on dozens of podcasts, websites, and industry publications. Judging from the enthusiastic response from entrepreneurs and small businesses, RightMessage sent the right message. He currently splits his time between Northern Virginia and the midlands of England.

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