Bobby Azarian

Bobby Azarian is a cognitive neuroscientist (PhD, George Mason University) and a science journalist. He has written 100+ articles—many reaching millions of views—about science, technology, and philosophy for publications including The AtlanticThe New York TimesBBC FutureScientific AmericanSlateThe Huffington PostQuartzThe Daily BeastAeon, among others. Azarian has authored numerous academic papers, published in prestigious peer-reviewed journals such as Human Brain MappingCognition & Emotion, and Acta Psychologica.

His blog “Mind in the Machine,” hosted by Psychology Today, has received over 8 million views. Azarian worked with The Atlantic and The Huffington Post to create viral videos, which he helped write the scripts for and narrated. Azarian has been interviewed on shows like The Damage Report and The David Pakman show, and these interviews have received over 100k views. Azarian was also hired to assist in developing Season 2 of the YouTube Premium psychology-based series Mind Field (as a consultant and researcher), which won the show its first Emmy nomination.

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