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God Without Religion

By Sankara Saranam

ISBN: 9781933771403

Publication Date: May 2008


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Spiritual inquiry is as old as humankind. In God Without Religion, Sankara Saranam proposes a satisfying and transformative approach for the reader willing to undertake spiritual discovery and to discover God on their own terms. Using time-tested tools of spiritual investigation, you can examine your present beliefs, explore the nature of God and your sense of self and ultimately expand your identity. Included are 17 universal techniques for developing a personal relationship with God and broadening your view of yourself, others and all of life.

With God Without Religion as your step-by-step guide, bridging organized religion and mystical spirituality, the clues to unlocking universal and critically important questions are obtainable to the open-minded and inquisitive reader.

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About the Author

Sankara  Saranam

Sankara Saranam, the son of self-exiled Iraqi Jews, holds a B.A. in religion from Columbia University and a master’s degree in Eastern texts and Sanskrit from St. John’s College in Santa Fe, N.M. A former monk and present-day teacher, lecturer, world traveler, poet and composer, he lives with his wife and son in Albuquerque, N.M.

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Publication Details

ISBN: 9781933771403

Publication Date: May 2008