Stephen I. Sideroff, PhD

Dr. Stephen Sideroff is an internationally recognized clinical psychologist, executive and medical consultant, and expert in resilience, longevity, optimal performance, addiction, neurofeedback, and mental health. He has published pioneering research in these fields. Dr. Sideroff’s work focuses on the two most important and difficult modern issues we all face: stress and resilience, and achieving permanent change and transformation. His approach is focused not only on providing useful information, but presenting it in a way that generates change in the recipient.

Dr. Sideroff is an associate professor in the departments of psychiatry and biobehavioral sciences and rheumatology at UCLA’s Geffen School of Medicine. He was the founder and former clinical director of the Stress Strategies program of UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center and former clinical director of Moonview Sanctuary’s Treatment and Optimal Performance Center. He has helped establish innovative training and treatment approaches in optimal functioning, mind-body medicine in the US, China, and Europe. His book, The Path, has been hailed as “a true Bible for living in balance and spirituality.”

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