Alan M. Dershowitz

Alan M. Dershowitz is a Brooklyn native who has been called “the nation’s most peripatetic civil liberties lawyer” and one of its “most distinguished defenders of individual rights,” “the best-known criminal lawyer in the world,” “the top lawyer of last resort” and “America’s most public Jewish defender.” He is the Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard Law School and the author of 27 works of fiction and nonfiction, including six bestsellers. More than a million of his books have been sold worldwide, in numerous languages, and more than a million people have heard him lecture around the world. His most recent nonfiction titles are Finding Jefferson: A Lost Letter, A Remarkable Discovery and The First Amendment in An Age of Terrorism, Preemption: A Knife That Cuts Both Ways (Norton, 2006), The Case for Peace: How the Arab-Israeli Conflict Can Be Resolved (Wiley, August 2005); Rights From Wrongs: A Secular Theory of the Origins of Rights (Basic Books, 2004) and The Case for Israel (Wiley, 2003). You can find out more at

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