Kasey Compton

Kasey Compton, a tenured mental health counselor turned entrepreneur and author of Fix This Next for Healthcare Providers, quickly became a southern staple in business systems and operations. Her knack for systems-thinking with a relationally driven approach contributed to the successful curation of many multi-million-dollar businesses. By thirty-five years old, her businesses turned million-dollar profits because of the lean infrastructures she is able to create and her ability to sell sell sell.

After years of creating and scaling businesses, she realized that business is so much more than the hustle and grind. Though Don Corleone might disagree, business is personal. When Kasey embraced this fact, she found so much more satisfaction and heart-felt fulfillment from her businesses. Now she wants to help fem-preneurs everywhere experience the same joy she now feels walking into the office every Monday morning.

She has been called the Fannie Flagg of business by some of the industry’s finest authors and editors, thanks to her artful use of playful stories and good old fashioned fun. Kasey’s straight-up, sassy-pants approach to business has a way of painting word-pictures, making it easy for readers to conceptualize big truths. Much like a gourmet filet mignon on Lennox china—served with a side of fried green tomatoes and a shot of bourbon.

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