Vincent Cefalu

Vincent A. Cefalu was born and raised just North of San Francisco in Marin County, California. After a troubled youth and lackluster academic performance, He enlisted in the U.S. Marines where he spent 6 years in the military police and ultimately served in a classified Special Operations unit. The hook was set. Continuing to pursue his law enforcement career, he joined the Athens Ga. Police Department while finishing his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice in hopes of securing a position in Federal Law Enforcement. After Being hired by and spending a couple years with the U.S. Customs Service chasing drug smugglers in S. Florida, Vince had a life changing experience with some very scary ATF Special Agents, and as they say, “the rest is history.” Vince had found a home. Later earning a master’s degree in the Psychological sciences, Vince’s trajectory took him into the shadows of undercover work, SRT, (Special response team member and hostage negotiations).

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