Julio Cacho, PhD

Dr. Julio Cacho is the founder and chief investment officer of Quantor Capital, a Houston-based asset manager, and the co-chief investment officer of Inscription Capital, a registered investment advisory firm managing over $1.4 billion. He provides highly personalized financial advice to family offices, financial advisors, bankers, asset managers, institutions, and wealthy individuals on their investment portfolios and financial products. Julio was born in Puebla, Mexico, and after watching many peers and acquaintances fall victim to the common Mexican idiom, “After the third generation, you lose all your money,” he dedicated his life to teaching others about generational wealth and effective investment strategies. He has more than twenty years of combined professional and academic experience in financial statistical research, optimal investment selection, and investment risk management. Julio holds a master of finance and doctor of philosophy in investment portfolios from Princeton University. He received a BSC in actuarial science and an MA in economics with highest honors from ITAM in Mexico City.

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