Summer Brooks

Summer Brooks is an avid reader and writer of fantasy and science fiction, with a deep passion for good SF television and movies in general. That passion led her into the den of the Dragon Page Radio, a haven where she could likely live happily ever after. She started out as a book reviewer for the talk shows, but soon after experiencing the fun of live radio, she became an additional on-air voice for many of the Dragon Page talk shows and podcasts. A year and a half later, FarPoint Media was created as a parent umbrella for the growing number of shows Michael and Evo manage, and Summer is now producer and co-host for five of those shows. She handles the guest interview bookings for “Slice of SciFi,” “Cover to Cover,” and “With Class,” and is featured on “Slice of SciFi,” “The Babylon Podcast,” and “The Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas” shows. In addition to reveling in many SF media venues, Summer is hard at work writing articles and novels, and she desires to write and produce a TV series or miniseries that leaves a mark on people. Summer is also a Web admin and novice designer and a licensed massage therapist, and has a small but happy client base for both endeavors. More info on the FarPoint Media shows can be found at

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