Chad Belding

Chad Belding, born in Reno, Nevada, is a lifelong sportsman and outdoors enthusiast whose love of the lifestyle was instilled at a very young age by his father, who ensured that both Chad and his brothers were encouraged to evolve an appreciation of the outdoors at every turn. Chad’s passion eventually led him to predator and waterfowl hunting, and he later became involved in competitive duck and goose calling while attending college at The University of Nevada Reno. Following his graduation with a Bachelor’s degree, he put his background in business to good use, co-owning and operating several businesses across Nevada, Colorado, and Washington.

In 2008, Chad founded Banded, a video production and merchandising company that specializes in hunting gear and accessories. That same year, he became a part of The Fowl Life, which is still airing on The Outdoor Channel. Chad started his podcast This Life Ain’t For Everybody in 2018, where he covers a wide assortment of themes and topics related to the outdoors. Always looking forward, Chad is also closely involved with The Provider, a new brand that will provide live workshops on dog training, hunting/shooting, and preparing your bounty. When he’s not hard at work or spending time with his family, Chad loves music, baseball, and boating, and is also a philanthropist working with several charities including Ronald McDonald House, Freedom Hunters, St. Jude’s, and Special Ops Excursions, amongst others.

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