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Category Archives: Editorial

Choi, Lydia

Lydia Choi is the Assistant Editor at BenBella Books. She graduated in 2021 from Princeton University, where she majored in English, earned a Spanish language certificate, spent long nights copyediting for the school’s daily newspaper, and wrote a thesis on the relationship between the Noah’s Ark story and traditional children’s literature. When she isn’t working, …

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Dickman, Katie

Katie Dickman is Senior Editor of the BenBella imprint Matt Holt Books. She loves partnering with authors to help their visions come to life on the page. Katie earned a PhD in English from Saint Louis University, where she also taught writing and rhetoric courses. She lives in Chicago where she enjoys long walks (especially in non-winter months) with her husband and sweet pup, …

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Holt, Matt

Matt Holt is Editor-in-Chief of the BenBella imprint Matt Holt Books. Holt was previously Senior Vice President and Executive Publisher at John Wiley & Sons, where he oversaw a team of 85 staff. Over Holt’s 27-year career, he’s acquired over 1,000 titles and published 10,000 titles including: Jon Gordon’s Energy Bus, Larry Winget’s Shut Up, …

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Schulz, Claire

Claire Schulz is a Senior Editor at BenBella Books. With BenBella since 2018, she acquires a range of books in the categories of cooking (especially plant-based and vegan cooking), health and wellness, and self-help. Among other BenBella titles, she edited The Friendly Vegan Cookbook by Toni Okamoto and Michelle Cehn, Why We Get Sick by Benjamin Bikman, …

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Phares, Rachel

Rachel Phares is Acquisitions Manager and Editor at BenBella Books. She considers herself a nonfiction generalist and is actively building a list of smart, diverse, and commercial authors and books. She’s particularly interested in pop psychology and sociology, self-help, cultural criticism, music, and mental health. If it’s funny, or is somehow related to a cult, …

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Wilson, Leah

Leah Wilson is Editor-in-Chief of BenBella Books. With BenBella since 2003, she has edited a number of the company’s most successful titles, including the New York Times bestseller WholeDemigods and Monsters, and The Zen of Social Media Marketing. Her responsibilities include overseeing BenBella’s editorial department as well as working directly with authors editorially.  …

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