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By Ian Watson

ISBN: 9781932100211

Publication Date: April 2004


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All three books of the Black Current in one complete volume

Yaleen’s life has always been defined by the Black Current, a strip of black running along the center of the river that separates the eastern bank from the mysterious western side. The Current’s nature is indefinable, but Yaleen’s people sense that it is alive and powerful, as it allows only women into the river and brings madness and death to men who enter more than once. Longing for the freedom being a river-woman gives, Yaleen drinks of the Black Current and joins the River Guild. But when her brother Capsi discovers a way to cross to the forbidden western side, Yaleen is caught in the middle of a battle that could end the world.

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About the Author

Ian  Watson

Ian Watson has written SF full time for the past 30 years, from The Embedding (1973) to Mockymen (2003), in which aliens adopt human guises. Sometimes he himself adopts the guise of H. G. Wells at SF conventions, which exonerates him from any naughty conduct—see A year’s work with Stanley Kubrick in 1990 led to screen credit for screen story for “A.I. Artificial Intelligence,” subsequently directed by Steven Spielberg. Ian lives with a black cat in a tiny village in rural England. His tenth story collection, The Butterflies of Memory, is due in the fall 2005 from PS Publishing.

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ISBN: 9781932100211

Publication Date: April 2004