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Wonder’s Child

By Jack Williamson

ISBN: 9781932100570

Publication Date: September 2005


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Science fiction legend Jack Williamson’s classic autobiography is much more than the story of a single man’s life and work; it is an amazing look at the entire 20th century from the perspective of a man on a “long search for endurable compromise with society.” It is impossible to separate Jack Williamson from science fiction; Wonder’s Child serves as a biography of both.

First published in 1984, this new version has been updated with twenty years of new material, plus a portion of Williamson’s diary from World War II.

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About the Author

Jack  Williamson

Jack Williamson was born in Arizona Territory in 1908. He moved to New Mexico by covered wagon in 1915, and still lives there. A retired professor of English at Eastern New Mexico University in Portales, he still teaches a course there every spring semester. He has been publishing science fiction since 1929, with an output of 55 novels and many shorter works. His new novel, The Stonehenge Gate, is out this year. One section of it, “The Ultimate Earth,” won the Hugo and Nebula Awards. He has published H. G. Wells: Critic of Progress, an academic study of Wells’ early science fiction.

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Publication Details

ISBN: 9781932100570

Publication Date: September 2005