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“The Games as Exploitation, Exploitation as Entertainment” – Classroom License

By V. Arrow


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A chapter on the Hunger Games from The Panem Companion. Use it with CSS.ELA- Literacy.W.11-12.1

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About the Author

V.  Arrow

V. Arrow graduated from Knox College in 2008 with degrees in history and creative writing, specializing in 20th-century pop culture and young adult literature. Under another name, she has previously published at Pop Matters, The One Love,, and The Hollywood Reporter. Arrow has read a book a day for the last 22 years and grew up to the age of 12 without realizing the Muppets weren’t living creatures. She believes that pop culture affects, reflects, and informs all aspects of daily life in Western culture and that it’s perhaps the most crucial form of media expression to analyze and discuss.

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