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The 100 Sporting Events You Must See Live

By Robert Tuchman


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Publication Date: December 2007

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For the casual armchair fan to the fan who dreams of a front row seat at the games, The 100 Sporting Events You Must See Live provides invaluable information about tickets and travel as well as the parties and the pageantry for the top games across the sporting landscape. A detailed travel guide from Robert Tuchman, founder and president of the global leader in sports and entertainment promotion, TSE Sports & Entertainment, the book is replete with insider knowledge and expert advice.

We are a list-obsessed people and sports-obsessed to boot, so this is a book that quenches our insatiable appetites for both. From the obvious to the obscure, Tuchman’s list of must-see events is as thorough as it is controversial. What events made the top 100 and where did they rank? The book is sure to fire up sports fans everywhere.

But more than a mere list, for each event the reader learns a detailed history of their favorite contests and all the background information to make a successful pilgrimage. Featuring also a list of honorable mentions that just missed the cut and a list of the top sports cities with arguments for what makes each city the perfect sports mecca, The 100 Sporting Events You Must See Live is a must for every sports fan’s library.

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About the Author

Robert  Tuchman

Robert Tuchman is the founder and president of New York-based TSE Sports & Entertainment, a global leader in sports and entertainment promotion. He is a contributing writer for and has been featured in publications including the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the New York Times, BusinessWeek, Entrepreneur and Southwest Airlines Spirit magazine. A frequent guest on “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” Tuchman has appeared on CNN, BET and on the “CBS Morning News.” He resides with his wife Amy in the Upper West Side in Manhattan.

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Publication Date: December 2007

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