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Special Discount of Soul Mind Body Science System for Master Sha’s Students

By Rulin Xiu

ISBN: 9781940363998

Publication Date: November 2014


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What is a soul? Are miracles real? When the soul is healed, how does the body respond?

Throughout history, there have been countless cases of “miracle” healings, unexplainable by modern science. Dr. Sha has personally healed thousands of patients, usually in front of dozens of witnesses. Hundreds of videos of these healings can seen on YouTube. But how can these healings be explained?

Soul Mind Body Science System is the first book to explore the scientific explanations for why soul healing miracles are genuine. Written with Dr. Rulin Xiu, an expert on string theory and quantum physics who trained at The University of California Berkeley, Dr. Sha shares, for the first time, the scientific theories that explain why all actions on Earth are guided by the reality of the soul.

All entities—not just humans—have souls. But what does this mean? Soul Mind Body Science System explores soul energy and soul healing from a scientific perspective, providing new insights into the compatibility of science and the transcendent. In Soul Mind Body Science System, the complex and fascinating relationships between matter, information, density, soul, and consciousness are thoroughly examined. Written for armchair and professional scientists alike, this book makes a significant contribution to the ongoing debate about the true nature of reality.

Are there alternative universes? Was there a prior universe from which our universe was created? These and other intriguing questions are investigated as Dr. Sha and Dr. Rulin clarify the reality of the soul and provide insights into a unified theory of the universe, providing answers to many of life’s mysteries.

As the lines between “science” and “spirit” are blurred, this investigation becomes ever more important. Soul Mind Body Science System is a ground-breaking book for all readers who have contemplated the fundamental scientific laws of the universe and sought answers beyond those offered by popular science and mainstream faith.


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ISBN: 9781940363998

Weight: 2lbs

Publication Date: November 2014