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Savage Empire: Dark Moon Rising

By Jean Lorrah

ISBN: 9781932100136

Publication Date: February 2004


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Savage Empire: Dark Moon Rising includes the first three volumes of the acclaimed Savage Empire series: Savage Empire, Dragon Lord of the Savage Empire and Captives of the Savage Empire. The Aventine Empire is crumbling under the attacks of savages armed with strange and dangerous powers. Exiled from the empire, a powerful telepath named Leonardo is captured by the savages, and finds himself in unfamiliar territory. Prepared for their brutality and mindless aggression, Leonardo soon learns their world differs from what he has been taught, and he is forced to question all of his previously held assumptions.


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About the Author

Jean  Lorrah

Jean Lorrah is the author of the award-winning vampire romance Blood Will Tell, creator of the Savage Empire series, co-author (with Lois Wickstrom) of the award-winning series of children’s books beginning with Nessie and the Living Stone and co-author (with Jacqueline Lichtenberg) of the cult classic Sime Gen series. Her most recent new novel is Sime Gen: To Kiss or to Kill. Look for Jean’s Savage Empire series from BenBella Books.

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ISBN: 9781932100136

Publication Date: February 2004