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Reversing the Invisible Person Complex

By Larry Costa

ISBN: 9781932100679

Publication Date: November 2006


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This empowering handbook reveals how shy, wallflower types can regain control of their lives by building self-esteem, engaging in healthy relationships and presenting their best possible self to the world. According to this guide, the Invisible Person Complex (IPC) affects every dimension of a person’s life—from home to work to relationships—and sufferers often feel incapable of asserting themselves in a powerful, visible way. By following the instructions and using the provided tools, persons suffering from IPC learn how to get rid of negative manifestations and instead create and nourish a more confident, healthy and relaxed state of mind. Practical sections focus on developing self-assurance in the workplace, learning how to accentuate the positive and accepting one’s appearance.


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About the Author

Larry  Costa

Larry Costa is an instructor at Columbia University, the author of Massage Mind and Body, and a fashion and beauty expert who has worked with celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, Estée Lauder and Donald Trump. He has been featured on “The Early Show,” “Today” and “What Not to Wear.” He lives in New York City.

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ISBN: 9781932100679

Dimensions: 6 x 9 x 1in

Weight: 1.25lbs

Publication Date: November 2006