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“Percy Jackson and the Lords of Death” – Classroom License

By J&P Voelkel


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An essay on Percy Jackson from Demigods and Monsters. Use it with CCSS.ELA-Literacy.W.11-12.3

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About the Author

J&P  Voelkel

Jon and Pamela Voelkel spend a lot of time in the jungles of the Maya, researching their fast-paced and funny Jaguar Stones series (Book One: Middleworld. Book Two: The End of the World Club. Book Three: The River of No Return. Book Four is coming soon). Like Annabeth Chase, the only thing Jon’s scared of is spiders. Like Grover Underwood, Pamela’s scared of pretty much everything including caves, darkness, deep water, bats, rats, heights, and snakes (but not spiders, and especially not tarantulas because they’re soft and fluffy like kittens). When not traveling or writing and illustrating their books, J&P are visiting schools, choosing prizes for Jaguar Stones Club giveaways, or working on their website at

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