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Lord Byron and Miss A

By Cheryl Sawyer


from Flirting with Pride & Prejudice

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This is one essay from the anthology Flirting with Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is one of the most beloved novels of our time, transcending the literary world to earn a spot on every woman’s nightstand. Now, Flirting with Pride & Prejudice takes a fresh and humorous look at Austen’s classic tale of looking for Mr. Right, marrying rich and finding true love in the process.

Contributors Include:

  • Lauren Baratz-Logsted
  • Jo Beverly
  • Laura Caldwell
  • Jennifer Coburn
  • Jennifer Crusie
  • Michelle Cunnah
  • Erin Dailey
  • Jane Espenson
  • Elisabeth Fairchild
  • Karen Joy Fowler
  • Cheryl Hingley
  • Alesia Holliday
  • Beth Kendrick
  • Mercedes Lackey
  • Teresa Medeiros
  • Joyce Millman
  • Jennifer O’Connell
  • Lani Diane Rich
  • Laura Resnick
  • Adam Roberts
  • Melissa Senate
  • Shanna Swendson
  • Lawrence Watt-Evans
  • Jill Winters
  • Sarah Zettel

About the Author

Jennifer Crusie is a New York Times bestselling author whose novels include Bet Me, Faking It and Don’t Look Down (with Bob Mayer). She is a frequent contributor to the Smart Pop series, and editor of Flirting with Pride and Prejudice and Totally Charmed. She holds an M.A. in women’s lit and an M.F.A. in fiction. For more information visit

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About the Author

Cheryl  Sawyer

Cheryl Sawyer is an historical novelist, author of La Créole and Rebel (Bantam, Australia). Her U.S. début, published in Signet Eclipse (NAL) in January 2005, was Siren, the love story of real-life pirate Jean Laffite and his passionate rival, privateer Léonore Roncival. The Chase, a novel of the Napoleonic Wars featuring a beautiful English noblewoman who falls in love with a renegade French soldier, followed in June 2005. Cheryl has two master’s degrees with honors in English and French literature and her career has included teaching and publishing. Cheryl’s home is Australia, but during work on her current novel she is based in Costa Rica.

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