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Inner Demons, Outer Heroes, Outer Villains

By Michael Marano


from Webslinger

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This is one essay from the anthology Webslinger

The tangled web of vengeance, love and loss woven by Spider-Man comics and films is explored in this collection of insightful essays by acclaimed writers of comics and science fiction. A variety of topics—from the superhero’s sarcasm to the science behind radioactive spiders—are discussed in essays on “Turning Rage into Responsibility: A Psychology of Loss,” “Love Is Selfish: Can a Hero Afford Personal Attachments?,” and “Self Identity and Costume Design.” The popular rival Green Goblin, the bumbling-yet-influential media, and the part New York City itself plays in stories are skillfully explored, as well as the overall philosophy of mild-mannered Peter Parker and Spidey’s relationship with the rest of the characters in the Marvel universe.

About the Author

Gerry Conway has worked in comics since the age of 16 and is best known in Spider-Man circles for scripting the death of Gwen Stacy and for his co-creation of the Punisher. In addition, Conway has written several novels and worked in both film and television as a writer and producer. He lives in Los Angeles.

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About the Author

Michael  Marano

Since 1990, Michael Marano has been reviewing movies and doing pop culture commentary for the Public Radio Satellite System program “Movie Magazine International,” syndicated in more than 111 markets in the U.S. and Canada. In this capacity, he has seen and ranted on and pontificated about perhaps more than 1,000 genre movies, and is now unfit for most any other form of employment. His articles have appeared in venues like the Boston Phoenix, the Weekly Dig, the Independent Weekly, Paste Magazine and Science Fiction Universe. Marano is also a horror writer, with stories in The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 11 and Outsiders: 22 All-New Stories from the Edge; his first novel, Dawn Song, won the Bram Stoker and International Horror Guild Awards. He recently visited the set of the “Batman Begins” sequel “The Dark Knight” for the SciFi Channel and saw a lot of cool stuff that he can’t talk about. He is a bitter old punk rocker, and can be reached at

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