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Build Your Author Platform

By Carole Jelen and Michael McCallister

ISBN: 9781939529251

Publication Date: May 2014


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This top title by Jelen and McCallister reveals the author platform method used by successful authors at major publishing houses including step-by-step author publicity plans, shortcuts, best practices, and checklists.


“ A rapid-fire, soup-to-nuts overview that will help authors see just how much they’re able to choose from in building a platform.”
—Seth Godin, author of 17 bestselling titles, translated into more than 35 languages

” An author who knows and is known by their potential readership can be the difference between a book being signed or not, between succeeding or failing, between having sustained success or being soon forgotten. Author platforms are not given; they are hard earned. This book will show you how to build yours.”
—Craig Smith, Executive Commissioning Editor at John Wiley & Sons


A great book is no longer enough. Author platform is the most powerful key to success in today’s saturated market, and increasingly, publishers are demanding that new authors come to them with an existing audience of interested followers. An author platform is essential to making each book a success, and even more, becomes the power source for building bigger audiences for future books.

Social media makes building the author platform easier than ever, but, unfortunately, most authors struggle to get it right. How can authors create their unique platform, connect with followers, write a manuscript, and grow their business?

The answers and success strategies are all here in 14 steps. In Build Your Author Platform: The New Rules, top literary agent Carole Jelen and tech expert Michael McCallister apply their combined 35 years of expertise to outline 14 practical, hands-on steps to create a presence that will produce high book sales and expanded audience.

From pre-publication through book launch and beyond, authors will learn how to:

  • Define goals and a unique brand
  • Use successful website strategies, content, social presence, media authority, and training
  • Secure positive reviews
  • Attract viewers efficiently without cost
  • Announce books that lead to increased sales

Build Your Author Platform: The New Rules shows how to showcase your expertise, create book presence, and build an audience eager to buy. Filled with detailed lessons, examples, success stories, and advice from marketing departments at major publishers, Build Your Author Platform: The New Rules is an indispensable guide for anyone looking for insight into publishing, promoting, and marketing books.

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About the Authors

Carole  Jelen

Carole Jelen

Carole Jelen, founder of Jelen Publishing and vice president of Waterside Productions, has been representing authors as a top-producing agent for over two decades. She specializes in areas of tech, business, and self-help. Jelen holds a master’s degree in English/Linguistics from the University of California, Los Angeles. Carole also speaks at writing/publishing conferences and works as a publishing consultant, aiding authors and companies in the publishing process.

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Michael  McCallister

Michael Mccallister

Mike McCallister is a writer, programmer, web designer, and software tester with an in-depth understanding of the digital world. He is the author of openSUSE Linux Unleashed and co-author (with Bud Smith) of WordPress in Depth. McCallister is committed to helping people make the most of “tech tools” and was named one of the Mindtouch Most Influential in Technical Communication and Content Strategy. McCallister is president of his local Society for Technical Communication chapter and works as the Senior Document Architect at PKWARE.

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ISBN: 9781939529251

Dimensions: 6 x 9 x 1in

Weight: 1.25lbs

Publication Date: May 2014